sculpture and sound



Instrument V 

plywood, contact microphones,  speaker drivers,  5w mono amplifiers, arduino microcontrollers, DC motors, speaker wire, 3D printed pulleys, timing belts, rotating bearing plates, replica Bertoia stool frames.

MFA documentation - UNSW,  Sydney Australia


Instrument #4 


plywood,  speaker drivers,  5w mono amplifiers, multitrack cassette recorder, 2 x portable cassette players, speaker wire 

Big Ci, Bilpin - Blue Mountains, Australia




salt,  wax, pigment, balsa wood, table, speakers, Arduino, Pure Data, servo motor, 

De Liceiras 18, Porto, Portugal 


Kompozycja Halitowa


salt,  piezoelectric transducers, piano, guitar amplifier

13TH MÓZG International Contemporary Music and Art Festival, Bydgoszcz, Poland 




Plywood and paint

ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image)  

Melbourne, Australia




wood, wax, carbon black pigment, salt, water, 5 x DIY sine wave generators and amplifiers, speakers


Under One Small Star (version 2)


wax, plywood, carbon black pigment,  salt, water, instrument cable


Dolina Strążyska

6 channel participatory audio performance

Pscheunech Art Residency, Zakopane, Poland 



wax, carbon black pigment, water, string, coffee cup, plant

Pscheunech Art Residency, Zakopane, Poland 


Under One Small Star (version 1)


beeswax, plywood, carbon black pigment,  contact microphone, water, instrument cable, guitar amplifier


Liber Abaci


plywood, water, light-emitting-diodes, resistors, enamelled copper wire

BRUCE Artist Run Initiative, Footscray

Collaboration with Liam Keneally